I love IKEA so much because I love organisation and tidiness in my home.
IKEA has many, many innovative solutions to keep my home tidy (read here & here).
But sadly, it lacks one item, which is something to make all types of wires disappear from the floor.
Yes, our living room is strewn with wires. Handphone charges, laptop chargers, camera charger... That is the price of marrying a software engineer.
Then I came across this device when I was browsing through The Star's IT section.
Suddenly, I want this item so much for my birthday wedding anniversary gift:

Photo source: www.idaptweb.com
For those who don't know, this is a multiple charger. It will solve the so-many-wires problem that I've been trying to eliminate over the past 1 year. You can charge MP3 player, all types of handphones, PDAs, and even the digital camera. All you have to do is get the appropriate tips to plug into the main body and voila! Less wire on the floor. Smart or not?
The price in Euro is about EUR43.06 (RM207). Not sure whether it's already on sale in Malaysia. If it is, then I definitely will pocket this item :D
More info: www.idaptweb.com