One of my favourite bodycare shops is The Body Shop mainly because it is environmental-friendly (paper bag i/o plastic) and also against animal testing (I know their products don't put some cats trapped in small cages going through tortures in the name of beauty).

So being typical Malaysians who can't resist coupons, I went there again this month to get a new lippy for myself and to earn extra points (which will also expire this month).

The Body Shop is currently promoting their latest bodycare / makeup collection - Roseflower. I am happy to report that this lippie is oh-so-beautylicious! When I tried it on, I almost did a somersault - yeaay! I sangat heart this lipstick!

Roseflower collection is available in 3 shades of pink - Soft, True & Deep Pink. Since I rarely use anything pink-ish, it's a fresh change to my otherwise boring ol' usual red lippy. Also, check out it's packaging, isn't it adorable? :)

Like most other lipsticks, it also promises moisturising properties to keep lips dehydrated & beeswax that comes from Zambia (look up: Africa). Why should I mention this? Because income provided by The Body Shop when sourcing ingredients from this country has (to quote from The Body Shop's website) "enabled the communties to improve the standard of education for their children, as many more families can now afford to send their children to school".

The next time I put on my new lipstick, I will remember that a kid could possibly get to go to school today.