Last night, after checking out GSC cinema rating for this movie, Suami Terchenta and I decided that we should go and watch this movie for ourselves (that, and the fact that Sherlock Holmes was not showing last night). After 2 hours in the movie, Suami Terchenta came out confused and I came out feeling like I'd wasted RM23 of my hard-earned salary.


An out-of-the-way diner becomes the unlikely battleground for the survival of the human race. When God loses faith in humankind, he sends his legion of angels to bring on the Apocalypse. Humanity's only hope lies in a group of strangers trapped in a desert diner with the Archangel Michael.

Source: Legion 2010 Official Site (About)

So, the story started with this bunch of miserable characters stuck in the middle of nowhere, each with their own complicated issues. As they were getting on each other's nerve, in walked a cheerful old lady (I mean, really old lady) who sat down, greeted everyone and ordered steak. All of a sudden, she got really grumpy about her steak (I would too, considering the state of hygiene the dine-in practices!) and she started to curse the baby in the waitress' womb. Granny suddenly got so agitated, she bit off another customer and transformed into Spiderman!


I have to admit I got freaked out at this Granny. Grannies are supposed to be sweet or formidable, not jumping off and crawling on the wall and ceiling. So, that's the first outrageous BS that came up during the movie.

The second BS came a little while later, after they shot the Grandma dead. A man drove up to the dine-in, and introduced himself as - (gasp) - the Angel, Michael. C'on, this man is tattooed all over his body, and he's an angel? He looks like he belongs to some punk clubs, not God's House of Angels. Never mind, maybe the movie needs a tough-looking character to boost its popularity amongst female viewers.

Michael came, all business-like, started to distribute fire-arms and told them the Granny was possessed by angels. Not demons, or evil spirits or anything. That's BS no. 3 for you. As one of the characters rightly put, 'I don't know which version of the Holy Book you read, but in mine, angels are supposed to be the good ones!'

Then horror of horror, here's the biggest BS and bombshell Michael drops - that God is tired of humankind and wants to exterminate them from this Earth. Michael seemed to think he knows what's best for God and excuse me again, like who are YOU again?

The director seems to got really disillussioned here. Someone who knows better than God? God is the Ultimate of ALL BEINGS, and here comes somebody who seems to know better than He does. The stupidity of this movie was enough to give me stroke.

Michael preached about how humans, the object of God's love have fallen into disgrace through greed, murders and wars. Yet the one who will lead humankind out of the darkness is a child born out of wedlock. The one Granny cursed to 'f***in' burn in hell'. It's like murder is bad, and a thief will punish a murderer for the act of crime committed. Or does it mean that fornication is not a big Sin anymore?

Apparently not to the Director. To him, it's ok to curse the Archangel with the letter 'F' and it's ok to lead people to believe that God is indecisive? Like, first He disgraced Michael for disobeying him and defending the bad bad humans, then He changed His mind and restored Michael the glory of being an angel again for showing compassion? Huh? No wonder Gabriel looked confused for being the faithful one. So, yes. Sex out of wedlock is acceptable in this movie.

Please la... God is nowhere that shallow. He's the Almighty God, for God's sake! Everything He planned has been laid down in His Books, i.e when Earth was created and when everything should end.

My rating: 1/10 (deduct '9' largely due to the overall storyline and concept).

The only good thing that came out of this movie was us on the way back refreshing our religious knowledge - like, the names of angels and their roles. So, let's give a little test to the blog readers:

10 Angels That Everyone Should Know

1. Gabriel / Jibrail: God's Archangel and Messenger to the Prophets.
2. Michael / Mikhail: His role?
3. Ridhwan: His role?
4. Maalik:
5. Raqib:
6. 'Atid:
7. Munkar:
8. Nakir:
9. Izrail:
10. Raphael / Israfil:

No prizes for all correct answers, except that we all could refresh our knowledge :)


  1. whoaaaa...thanks 4 posting the review here carneyz...nang sik best alu jak bunyi cita tok....nonsense alu jak bunyi nyaa haha

  2. Mujur aku beli cd jer...RM 5 jer

  3. Amy: Nang nonsense tahap dewa, aku padah ngan ko! Hahaha! Bagus gik ko tanggar Adnan Sempit :p

  4. Kasawari: Huhu... cd kat kl tak besh aa...


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