I'm not talking about those creepy-crawlies, people. I'm referring my own babies as caterpillars or in Malay we call "ulat beluncas".

Last night during bedtime both of them were behaving exactly like caterpillars - squirming on the bed and refusing to sleep. We had the light switched off and the aircond turned on, hoping that a soothing environment would make them settle down.

But nooooo... Khayla soon sat up and bounced on the bed. Boing! Boing! Boing! Khadeeja became excited as well and rolled over, sticking her bum in the air as she attempted to go on hands and knees. And when she's excited, she lets out a high-pitch shriek that goes like this - 'Ehhhhhhhhhhaiihhhh!'

Khayla began to sing and act out Gwiyomi song in the dark. Khadeeja then got in the groove, rocking her small yet chubby body back and forth to her sister's singing.

Despite being exasperated by their antics, I couldn't help bursting in laughter. They both reminded me of those wriggling and constantly moving caterpillars - but a CUTE and ADORABLE version of course!

Tonight luckily Khadeeja decided to be an angel and went to bed early. Khayla is, however, still an unrepentant rule-breaker when it comes to bedtime.

Good night folks an sweet dreams!

My adorable "ulat beluncas"