Who doesn't love coffee break, I ask you? It's the moment everyone anticipates just to unwind and get away from that tiresome task, frustrating assignment, annoying clients or suppliers, and demanding superiors.

That is why I decided to call my rambling space 'coffee break'. A space in the cyber highway anybody can just stop by and actually read my rambles. Oh, anything about what happened in my office specifically.

My office? For security reason, because they do not pay me to blog in the office, I'm going to keep it as vague as possible. The location, the business, all these formalities. Only the people who works here are going to be in the limelight of my blog. Who in their right mind wants to know about anything else??

Myself? Well, I'm just someone new to the working life, just graduated recently and pretty much ordinary. Like all ordinary people, I love and hate certain people in the office. C'on, it's normal. These people either love/hate me too. So what's new?

My job is to communicate with people. Professionally. I do not really mind communicating with people. In fact, that's my specialty. Communicating with people. I told the Director during my interview session - I love socializing. That is most probably why I landed in this pumped-up- adrenaline department. Hah. I should just keep my big mouth shut in my next interview (if there's any).

Today, things are just a bit busy, but not as busy as last week. I had to call some people, e-mailed some stuffs, read other people's blogs and so on. We had a meeting with the management in the afternoon.

'As our new staff that just came aboard, any comments or complaints you want to share with us?'
Everyone looked at the table, suddenly finding the table the most interesting thing in the room.
'Come on. Don't be shy.'
Like hell I'm going to tell them anything. Not since the person I'm going to complain is sitting across me...
Everyone made agreeing mumbles, and then looked up again, smiling.

Later, outside the meeting room..

'What does he expect? That I'm going to complain about my boss with him sitting across me??' My friend dropped her notepad on her desk. I agreed with her. Not that I've a difficult boss. In fact, I should count myself lucky that my boss only gives me loads of work. I mean, loads.

Just as I was thinking of this, my boss rang me.
'Can you get hold of this editor and bla2...'
End of goosy jossipy session.

Evening. My friends and I were gathering near the punch card machine, as I showed my boyfriend's photos to them which he sent over the mail. Just as my friends were 'ooh'ing and 'aah'ing over his photos, the manager I despised wholeheartedly walked towards us, to the punch card machine.

I quickly minimized the window and opened another one. Dina, the HR Executive was working on a memo.
'But on second thought, 'teambuilding' should be two words...' I started.
Everyone had on a blank expression. Then a friend suddenly understood.
'No. It's one word. I checked with Mr. X that it's a one word thing...' she picked up the thread.
'What are you talking about?' Julie was confused.
'We can check the thesaurus.com?' Anne suggested.
The manager passed behind us, unassuming. We were stifling giggles. Anne's face was red. She doubled up with silent laughter.

'That was quick.' They told me. I shrugged.
Then we were gossiping about some high-and-mighty executive who are too high-and-mighty to mingle with us newbies.

Specifically, we have two persons we love gossiping about, whom we nicknamed 'Spiky' (for her sharp words and thorny character) and 'Brinjal' (it was Anne who thought up this hilarious name). We wouldn't be gossiping about them if they were not so snobbish in the first place. Look at it this way, we were hand-picked by the Director to head the future management team. If I were them, the wise thing to do is to be niiicee to us. In 3 years time, we are going to climb higher up the corporate ladder than their position now (and 3 years from now as well).

It's going to be interesting to read this entry four years from now on. Maybe by that time, I really need a laugh or two. So, while I still retain my sense of humor, I might as well talked about it here.

8 p.m. Going back.