I'm a drama queen. I realized that. One single thing that gets on my nerve, and I'll dramatize it most wonderfully. That is one way for me to release pressure - work pressure, personal life pressure, study pressure.

I'm not someone who, whenever they get depressed, they'll keep quiet and create a distance between themselves and the people around them. I know my beloved is one such person, but he rarely gets depressed.

As for me, I made it known to the world that I'm distressed. I find it an extra need to be close to my loved ones to let them know that I'm happy / unhappy.

'Why?' I flung my arm passionately with a facial expression that clearly spelt out my frustration,
'don't my e-mails appear in my Outlook account?? I didn't meet the media deadline because the ads visuals couldn't get in my inbox and boy, our Director called last night to tell me specifically that it has to be up this Monday!'

Probably because I'm a Gemini that I find the need to be constantly dramatic just to illustrate my life. Probably it's because I'm born to be someone who easily gets excited, nervous, impatient, anxious, in other words, I have Type A personality.

I hope I can learn to be more relaxed, more focused, less hectic. After all, it it's not meant to be, I'll just be wasting my energy being a drama queen. Ciao!

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