Johor may get LRT system

JOHOR BARU: The state is waiting for the go-ahead from the Federal Government for the construction of a Light Rail Transit (LRT) system here to ease traffic congestion and boost the public transportation system.

Works and Housing Committee chairman Datuk Baderi Dasuki said the Finance Ministry was studying the matter with a consultant firm which had been engaged to examine the feasibility of using the LRT system.

“We’re confident of a positive outcome from the study and construction works for the LRT system is expected to start in 2006,” he told the state assembly when winding up the debate on the state budget yesterday.

Under Phase One of the project, the LRT service will ply a 30km route from Skudai to the new Customs, Immigration and Quarantine complex and end in Pandan.

Phase Two will comprise two routes – a 10km route from Pandan to Ulu Tiram and a 20km stretch from Pandan to Pasir Gudang.

Baderi said the people were looking forward to the LRT system as an alternative to buses and taxis.

On tourism, Long said one reason the number of tourists from Europe and the Middle East was small was that there were no direct flights from the areas to the state.

Johor, he added, would discuss with the Transport Ministry, Senai Airport Terminal Services Sdn Bhd and other agencies on how to tackle the problem as the state wanted to benefit from the arrival of tourists from these areas.

Source:The Star Online

-hehe... klu aku masih stay kat JB time tu, maka semakin senang la nak merayau2 n pegi tempat2 kat Johor ni yang aku tak penah pegi lagi walaupun dah 4 tahun menghirup udara Johor. Dulu aku selalu gak berangan2 klu la ada LRT dari Tmn U ke UTM. Kan ke senang nak gi kelas tak yah nak tunggu bas, naik teksi dsb. Jimat duit aku ;) Kalau ada LRT dari Tmn U ke Senai pun best jugak. Tak de lah aku riso berulang-alik ke tempat keja! -