'Dear Network & Systems Admin.:

I read your e-mail circulated to all staffs with apprehension because the contents might changed my life forever. Your subject 'Banning blogging activities during workhour' has indeed projected deep fear in my heart of what my life would be from now on. I would like to request 5 minutes of your time to read my response on the abovematter and judge what I'm about to say.

I have to confess that I'm an avid blog keeper. Ever since I was introduced to the world of blogging, I found it has opened gates of opportunities and filled me with wonders of what Internet technology is capable of being. True, that blogging needs constant maintenance, and that involves the use of company's property and productive time. However, I can assure you that blogging is not a liability, but instead, an investment to the company.

I will elaborate more on this view and explain each point I will make so you can understand better what blogging means to working bloggers like me:

Blogging cuts company's expenditure on EAP (Employee Assistance Program). As we all jolly know, working life can be stressful and causes emotional exhaustion among employees. That is the reason why companies have such things as EAP to help them overcome their stress. Employing only one or two counsellors to help counsel troubled workers does little to reduce the problem as they can only focus on one or two cases. Providing a condusive room for counselling increases company's overhead. Paying for in-house professional shrinks or compensating for counselling treatment outside is also expensive. The one way to solve this problem is to let employees to blog and express their frustration, problems and feelings online where there are many sympathetic readers to give encouragement and suggestion FOC. The only expense is paying for electricity and Internet bills as pc are already in place, but the results in happier employees are worth the shot.

Employees gain new knowledge. People often talk about e-learning and learning organization. By allowing employees to blog, they can pick up new knowledge such as html and javascript, and companies don't have to bother sending them to paid courses to acquire these knowledges. You may ask, why does a clerk need to know html & javascript? Let's not look at it that way. The clerk may start by learning html & javascript, but eventually further interest might lead them to learn more complex & technical stuffs like programming languages. Then it saves cost on hiring new programmer.

Blogging improves communication skills. A lot of people lacks of good communication skills because they rarely are in contact with other people when doing their job. Writing report is still a task everyone dreads because they don't know how to write a good report and might get yelled at by their boss when they hand in their report. All this could change if only blogging is made legal because by putting entry every day in their blogs, staff learn how to write better, resulting in better communication skill. It's just like writing in a diary. The more you write, the better you are at explaining things and situations. Again, this could also benefited the company as I mentioned earlier.

Blogging as a way of motivation. For the past 2 years I went to work, one of the motivation that drives me to get up every day and go to work is the opportunity to blog. To tell others of what had happened recently, to read people's comments on my entries, and the like of it. Without this, I don't think I would come to work with as much enthusiasm because my job is routine and dull in nature. However, blogging helps me to escape this reality and makes me think good thoughts of my company for their kindness in letting me to blog.

By these few points, I hope that you would reconsider your decision and grant us the freedom to blog. Our hope and lives depend on your kindness and support, so please help us. Please allow us to blog during working hour. Thanks.

Blog addict
(representing all employees who blog in the office)'

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