Someone is getting married and I've the invitation card.

If you recall the Singapore visit entry, I've posted one pix with him in there. The tall, tall one. Yup. It's going to be a refreshing look at some other kind of wedding rituals. I've never attended a Hindu wedding, so this is the opportunity to do so ;)

Of course I've watched wedding rituals done in Hindustani films. During one lunch, Jane entertained us with Chinese wedding rituals. Hopefully, Jane will get married soon so I can attend a Chinese wedding pulak. Hehe. Jane, get a hint! He's young, he's charismatic, at 25 he's already a manager, and he's getting a new car this year. *bat eyelashes* Are you reading this, Jane?

Hmm. My office room of late has become the hub of bit*hing session. I stand firm and true when I tell guys can be bit*hy. For all those who are terrified of this b-word, it actually means female canine. Synonimously, it also refers to a pain-in-the-neck or tearing somebody down to pieces (or in this case, mengumpat la).

There are a lot of things they can launch into. From meetings, to policies, to individuals among them, to big boss -- everybody has a say in everything.

Lastly, hari ni ada lawatan dari SLA (hehe. tak leh habaq no... akronim utk apa) and boleh la tgk gambar yg telah dimodify ni. Bakal pengantin yg tgh b'tepuk tgn paling depan sekali ;) n aku plak jadi penjaga pintu (seperti biasa...):

... ok la. Nak gi minum dulu!