I've withdrawn the money from my account. Checked the currency exchange rate. Groan. Much higher today?? Swore aloud. Nevertheless, I have to go to Singapore today and pay the deposit.

On another note. Someone said something disturbing, so I gave an advice in the commenting system. Much to my amusement, that someone got irritated by the comment. My final, final advice coz I'm bidding 'adieu' to that someone:

1. If you don't want someone to comment on your disturbing posting, don't put the comment system OR please let people know that it's a sensitive issue, you don't need comment, thank you.

2. If anything people advised you, and you take it negatively, you've got serious attitude problem. In workplace, you get a lot of advices - given to you either nicely, or harshly (a.k.a. scold -- kena marah la apa lagi...) . So you'd better take each and every advices professionally, not emotionally. At least people care to advise you. People bothered to show concerns, so show some gratitude here. Don't be too sensitive, you won't survive in the office that long.

Which reminds me of the incident that happened earlier on when I started work. Something bad happened (I mean, really bad, luckily no one was hurt). All parties involved were trying to find the scapegoat, so luckily (for them) and unluckily (for me), I was made one (for numerous reasons I can't be bothered to tell here). For a week, I was called for investigation, postmortem enquiry, etc. I marvelled at the way I held thru without breaking down and 'fessing up to a mistake which wasn't mine. After that trying moment, I was bombarded with advices from the management. I took them all positively, coz I reminded myself that it's just business, nothing personal. Al-hamdulillah, things returned to normal.

People always think I made it coz of my academic competency, but I don't believe so. Up till now, I haven't the opportunity to apply what I've learned coz I was put in an unfamiliar field different of that I took in university (I took management studies but I first started work in other than management department). It was a bewildering experience, coz I have zero knowledge in the new field.

However, I was and still am willing to learn, take advices, get reprimanded, etc. That makes me more matured and wiser each time. I am after all, a Gemini -- anyone who compliments me is my enemy; anyone who criticizes me frankly and with a good intention for my own good, merci beaucoup. No doubt I'll turn to you for you coz you have earned my respect.