Once upon a time, in a faraway country, there lived a small princess who's neither pretty nor rich. In fact, the small princess wasn't even a princess, but just an ordinary girl who dreamed of being a princess (which little girl didn't dream of being one?). The girl dreamed that she was a princess in distress a-waiting her fearless knight-in-shining-armor come rescuing her from the bad dragon, the evil witch, an endless slumber (now the little girl regretted of ever wishing having to be rescued from long hours of sleep), or an ice queen.

Just like every other princesses, the little girl dreamed that her knight-in-shining-armor is a handsome prince who rules a wealthy kingdom and knows how to ride a steed while slaying dragons. After the prince would rescue her, they would live happily ever after; spending the time chasing butterflies in meadows filled with golden flowers, singing songs after songs, etcetera etcetera.

Fast forward when the little girl grows up and is a twenty-something young lady who still dreams of being a princess. But what a different princess she wants to be! She doesn't want to be a princess stuck in a cellar, who can't even to wipe away soot from her face. Nor does she want to be a princess trapped in a high tower, with every means to escape (think about her various gowns, bed sheet, bed cover, curtains and ample of time to tie them up together to make a long rope) but still waiting for her knight to come a-rescue. Nope. She's no Fiona the Princess, waiting for Shrek to come when for cry-out sake, she even knows karate.

She wants to be a princess because only a princess gets to have these challenges and adventure thrown into her life. No ordinary girl is forced to drink sleep potions, or past due-date apple, or whatever. An ordinary girl is called an ordinary girl because she led an ordinary life. So she wants to be a princess in order for her to taste these thrills in her life. Dragons, bad witches and evil emperor. Bring it on.

The princess wants to slay her own dragon, to outwit the bad witch, to study potions in order for her to develop antidotes, and to put on her own armor and go into battles. No stepmother nor stepsisters are going to force her to stay in a cellar unless they want a kick in the place that hurts the most. It gives her the kick to do all these. It makes her alive with emotions and makes her the person she is.

However the princess is a human being whose heart beats and feels love. She still wants a knight-in-shining-armor. A prince whom she'll wed when she's ready. She realizes that she needs a guy to be beside her at all times - be it the time she fights a dragon or the time she makes dinner after a tiring battle. This princess thinks that it would be lovely to have someone to cuddle up to after a long, hard day, and just listen to her talk about it and share some thoughts with her.

The prince she wants now is a guy who shares her passions; who let her be herself; who's willing to pack up and travel to Africa with her so they can lie down, stare at the beautiful night sky, and debate whether men can reach the furthest planet or whether prostitution comes first before bread or vice versa (have anyone ever thought of this before?) The prince she wants to fall in love with is the guy who will be right beside her to lend a helping hand at slaying the dragon, and she will do the same to him too. The guy who let her decide what she wants to do with her life, gives advices but will catch her fall when she makes mistakes. The guy who doesn't demand for much, but a guy whom she's willing to give so much for him.

The princess seeks high and low for the prince who knows how to change diapers, cook and do house chores because she loves it if they do everything together. She turns away from princes who believe that a girl's place is only at home, and house chores are girls' job.

It doesn't really matter if the prince doesn't have a kingdom, a castle, a BMW, or a Rolex watch. She certainly has met a lot of handsome, cute, dashing princes and she's not impressed that much with them. She admires clever and mightily intelligent princes, but brains are not the key to a happy and successful love life. She just needs a guy who understands her needs, who shares her beliefs and her passions, who takes up relationship like a partnership and teamwork with both being equal in their own rights, who can lead her in a way that she accepts his authority willingly (that needs a very good skills at explaining the reasons why so and so), who's in-sync with her thoughts, and full of good qualities that all mothers look for in a future son-in-law (kind, warm, responsible, etc.). Most of all, she needs a guy who accepts her as she is.

To sum up the prince she dreams of, the conversation that they will have most probably sound like this:

'Princess darling, aim the arrow at the dragon's eyes. I'm here if you need me
to do that. By the way, I've changed the baby's diaper but I think he needs
feeding now. Let me help you to shoot the arrow while you feed the baby. You
gotta save your energy for your next battle dear...'

The story will continue.