I have three proposals to complete in one day. I completed two of them, then I had to go away for a meeting with Jen & Ainie.

The first half an hour of the meeting was spent listening to Jen & Ainie complaining about Tai Chi Master (refer to Jen's blog). I was dehydrated, my eyes felt dry that I can't hardly open them, and I yawned every 5 minutes.

'Listen guys. What can we do to get the things on track?' I interrupted after a while. I'm sick of feeling helpless. Then I drew an illustration to help me figure out what's going on while I was gone. Sponsorship. Invitation. Organizing.

'The MSAF wants the State to finalize on the budget...' I drew an arrow to connect Invitation with Sponsorship. '... and the State is not helping much. Things can't move if there is no budget...' Another arrow linking Organizing to Sponsorship. Then I circled Sponsorship. Leant back and closed my eyes. Tired.

'We gotta get those...' tried not to use foul language, '...buggers to resolve this issue first. But we shouldn't let other things pending.' Sighed. I really need to show this to the manager. He's not taking a firm stance with the State government and it's making us exasperated.

'Ok. Leave Sponsorship till later. Invitation. MSAF gets to do one thing, but other smaller events, or should I say, the Ground Operations, we need to do something about that. That's the thing.' Jen & Ainie began to contribute ideas and finally we got the meeting to move forward. There are HEAPS of things to do for this major event, and if the *struggle hard not to refer those people as something lowly creatures* can't make up their minds on big decisions, we have to start on the small preparations or we all die as the event rushes at us from around the corner.

I know I can always rely on both of my dear friends to come up with constructive ideas (which they did wonderfully) but I'm feeling doubtful about the indecisive giants. We had had four meetings and all they did is push the job at each other and lastly, ended the meetings with no decisions made (it's really frustrating when the meetings ended with 'we'll discuss that in next meeting').

I mean, yeah. Planning for a good job is one thing. It takes quite some time but when it finally moves, the ball rolls faster & smoothly. But Gawd! Indecisiveness that bottleneck-ing the processes is never going to make the ball rolls at all. And these people are the same ones proposing this stupid program at the very last minute anyway. These indecisive idiots. There. I said it.