Blissful weekend...

After one week of communication-less with people (colleagues aside), I went back to my old place to have a de-stress session. Since it was drizzling, I had to wait for Mr. Chairman to finish his work and then hitch a ride all the way to where I used to stay. Everybody was pleased to see me.

'Ah, you. Let's go dinner.'

On normal occasion, I would balk at the idea. Dinner is almost non-existant in my dictionary. Lunch is the good ol' strawberry yogurt. It must be strawberry. Too bad they don't have chocolate yogurt. But hey, it would defeat the whole purpose, isn't it?

So dinner we had. For someone who had starved herself for most days, it was a lavish affair.

My housemate wanted to eat siakap masak stim (steamed siakap). I was dying for tomyam ayam with lotsa mushrooms. And another housemate insisted on a balanced diet, so we ordered sayur kailan ikan masin (kailan with salted fish). For appetizer, we devoured the whole basket of otak-otak. This is the main reason why I felt that prolonging the decision to move back to the Land of Hornbills are fully justified. Dinner outing is one mind-blowing experience to me :)

We ate to our heart's content. The steamed fish is deliciously done. My sense picked up every essence of the taste - sour & salty, with a tinge of sweetness of the fish flesh. The kailan wasn't that bad, except it was cooked in the truly Malay-style - lotsa oil. The most mouth-watering would be the chicken tomyam, hot but not too hot, the chicken pieces hidden by all the mushrooms (the way I like it).

That nite, I slept soundly, all basic needs had been satisfied (good company, good food, cozy mattress).

Sunday came.

As my dearest chum woke up late, we had a late exploration of the day. We had lunch at Pak Ali (famous for the crispy fried mushroom-on-a-stick and the bomb price they charged for it). Then I wanted to survey for new spectacles (I'm going frameless again). After draining my pocket at the optical shop where I did my current specs, we went to our usual hanging out place - Jusco.

The place was bustling with frenzied shoppers. We merely enjoyed doing what we do best - window shopping, trying out clothes, and have a Japanese experience (do I love wasabi?). Wasabi is unique. I normally hate spicy, hot things. However, I fell head-over-heel with wasabi. It's only to be consumed by the brave-heart. And if I swallowed too much of that thing, the person to me would get the hardest thumping in their life. The burning sensation does not linger on your tongue, it travels up to your nose, your eyes, your brain... I just love that green stuff.

And who am I to deny my heritage? I'm a Melanau, for cry-out-sake! We eat raw fish. Raw salmon included.

Tired of looking around, we decided to head back to good ol' apartment. Lying down, watching tv, from Hindi movie, to documentary on 'limau madu'. I laughed non-stop when the commentator who obviously byheart his speech, accidentally let out his own Kelantanese dialect - 'bebah dari penyakit.' And my housemate (a Kelantanese) roared in laughter too. 'Mesti cari dier balik Kelate nanti.' She commented, after the laughter subsided.

I stayed at my old house until after Maghrib, and then went back. Ah, well. Next week some friends are coming down from KL to meet me, and I'm looking forward to their visit :)

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