Weekend - is never spent at home. Imagine staying at home for the whole week, and the whole weekend... I could go crazy with boredom. So weekend is the only time I could really indulge in myself & unwind after a stressful week.

Half of Saturday was wasted because of the rainy weather. As soon as the rain became just drizzle, I couldn't wait anymore. Smsed Eva, asking to meet her somewhere, then got on my bike & rode to my old place.

Nothing is more enjoyable than spending time with my bestest friend. We went on a window shopping spree, trying on clothes JFF (just for fun). Tak beli pun! After doing a quick mental calculation on how much sushi I could eat without going busted, we indulged ourselves in sushi. Sake is my favourite (raw salmon). Extra wasabi, extra sauce & yummy! I just luuuuurrrvveee sushi...

I know some people gets put off at the idea of trying sushi because they think all of sushi are made of raw ingredients. Wrong. Only some of them are raw, like raw salmon. Others, like omelette on the glutinous rice wrapped in seaweed, or crabstick, or even fish cake, are not raw at all.

As if that's not enuff, I suddenly had a craving for blueberry chocolate cake....
So we dropped by at Secret Recipe, the best cake deli (err, izit a deli?) in the country. Disappointingly, there's no blueberry chocolate cake There's blueberry cheesecake, though, but I'm not in the mood to eat cheese cake. I was already drooling at the thot of blueberry jam... oooohhh... so nice...

So we settled for blackforest gateau instead (gateau, in French, means cake). We shared a piece of the cake as none of us can finish one slice by ourselves.

Mouth-watering, rite?

At night, we made plans to go to Danga Bay.

Despite feeling guilty at eating so much on Saturday, that did not stop me from ordering nasi bubur (u have to try nasi bubur Sentosa - they are really delicious). A bowl of steaming plain rice porridge served with fried onion & chilies, fried kangkung, salted fish (the main reason I'm such a big fan of bubur nasi), salted egg (another gob-smacking good reason), fried ikan bilis, and peanuts. Not forgetting, sambal goreng. Soooooooo irresistible! Try complementing that with diet Coke. It blends so well :p East meets West thingy.

After strolling around, talking nineteen to the dozens, we decided to call it a day & go back home. Luckily, Sunday I didn't feel like EATING so much! Klu tak, hancuss my diet!

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