I have approximate 10 days to complete my part of the project.


Relax. Take a deep breath. Exhale. Relax. Take life one day at a time. Finished about 40% of the project, kan? Apa nak risau?

Pagi tadi:

Me : Roy, how's the task? What's the update?
Roy: Yeah, working on it.
Me : 7 Dec, kay?
Roy: Yup. Can, la...

Me : Chairman, you're working on that task right?
Chairman : Uhuh.
Me : Would you be able to deliver it by 7th?
Chairman : Uhuh (nak keluarkan sepatah perkataan dari Chairman nih memang memerlukan usaha gigih. 'Uhuh' yg tak tersenarai dalam mana2 kamus Dewan atau Oxford dah cukup bagus la)

Property department dah submitted bahagian dieorang. Cuma tinggal BD department je lagi. Tapi bahagian BD nih represent 50% of the project.

Hmm. Sabar, sabar...

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