Azlan has a terminology for annoying people / things.

Speak-speak Grend-em.

I'm dealing with speak-speak grend-em now. He has asked me to find one big Xmas tree. Last Saturday, I found one 8 feet Xmas tree, retailing at RM189. So I sent an email telling him 'hooray! Found one!' But 8 feet is not tall enough apparently!

Exasperated, I summoned the Internet, the Mother of all Info, to help me find in this Internet-forsaken state, where in the world can I get a place selling GIANT Xmas tree. After 3 hours later (and Ainie trying hard telling me that the other speak-speak grend-em insists on having live Xmas tree, not the artificial ones, mind you, his reasoning is because it's more practical. As if the tree dying after 2 weeks and having to be-deck the Xmas trees again & again is practical), somebody came and told me, 'Hey, try Ideal Collection.'

Heavens speak to me at last. Mother of All Info directed me to Ideal Collection and I managed to get a Xmas tree 15 feet high. Joy to The World. The only problem is it's RM2050.

Very the speak-speak grend-em.

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