Dearest Suami Terchenta,

Today I woke up to a special day. Although yesterday was like any other day, except for the time I was 'merajuk' for 10 minutes after you spitted that chocolate bean I tried to force-feed you while you were driving just because I played a trick on you when I held on to the chocolate from your wide, open mouth. I'm sorry I did that, but it seriously made me roar in laughter to see your outrageous expression after you realised what I had done. Then we made up and spent the night watching CSI - with your chest as my pillow and you sleeping as usual.

What makes today a special day is that it is your 28th birthday. 28 years + 9 months 10 days of living on God's earth. I'm so proud of you, suami terchenta. In that 28 years of life, you have been in a relationship only once - and that is with me. That is just to name a few more about you that makes me want to cry in joy and happiness at marrying you.

Coincidentally, today marks 120 days of our marriage (yes, exactly!) and you have never snored, not even once. Throughout our 4 months of being together, I conclude that living with a messy person is not such a bad thing after all, although at an earlier stage, I experienced a bout of moodiness due to my stress at the sight of your clothes / papers / wires / mugs / Godknowswhatelse lying on the floor everywhere. Nowadays, I live with it. I even support you by contributing to the mess. M-E-S-S is ok as long as we don't breed maggots and cockroaches and other creepy-crawlies. However, I would appreciate it much better if you do vacuum the carpet at least every 2 weeks so we can be reminded that our carpet is green in colour.

You are such a wonderful person, you. When you are not busy in front of your laptop or sleeping in front of tv, you help me in the kitchen or throw away rubbish or do the laundry. The only task you hate is ironing your clothes which I don't mind doing because I am in love with the purple iron. If you had bought any other colour, I wouldn't be doing so much ironing too. Thank God for the purple iron.

I also discovered that after we got married, you tend to forgot a few things you promised to do before we signed the marriage certificate. Like singing to me before I sleep. But it's ok because you made it up with other things, like paying the bills and the house rent. Haha, I kid, I kid. You sing when I am fully awake, changing the lyrics as you like to show your devotion to me. I especially like your version of Sheila On 7 song, 'Ku petik bintang...' because yours sound better. After all, this is the first time you sing out loud much to my credit because I sing as and when I feel like singing and you caught my singing bug after we live together.

My dear Suami Terchenta,

As we settled into our married life, we seem to be more in sync with each others' thoughts. When I am thinking of watching a movie, you already booked the tickets. When you feel hungry, I already ordered what you want to eat because I feel like eating that too. Of course you don't know that when you are already asleep, I plug into your brain and upload my life program inside it so you think and feel like me. It's like the Briefcase application in Windows, only so much better. Tonight, when you sleep, I will upload Langkawi_Holiday.exe into your brain, hubby dearest. You are going to love it.

Talking about holiday, as my birthday treat to you, I am whisking you away to another city and we are going to stay at a four-star hotel. Instead of jumping up in joy and clapping your hands enthusiastically, you frown and tell me, 'Duit minyak! Duit tol! Duit makan! Blabla...' even though I told you that it's a birthday treat i.e. I will pay for everything. Perhaps this is one folder in your brain I should hide for a while, the Financial_Situation folder.

I am more to the kind of person who wake up and think I want to go to Africa, and I pack up and go. Where else you will make a more rational decision. In one way, it is good to have someone to keep the reality checks. But this is the time where we want to be and to go and to do whatever crosses our minds before our biology clock starts ticking! Once we have kids, we'll think a trillion times about going bungee-jumping because if we smash our heads, who will take care of them? In conclusion, let's go bungee-jumping, sweety-pie.

But that is not the only present you get this year. I am glad you like that new laptop backpack I gave you. When you come and fetch me later, I will surprise you with a fruit cheese cake I baked in the office today (haha!) And tonight, I am thinking of preparing nasi ayam that you love.

I want you to know that I love being married to you and I love teasing you and I love looking at your gobsmackingly handsome face and I love laughing at your jokes and making you laugh. I love falling asleep in your arms and waking up to your voice and hugs. I love loving you, Suami Terchenta. Happy Birthday.

Wife Terchenta.

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