I was wrestling with the P&L statement for March sales which can get extremely confusing as I have to refer to three different spreadsheets simultaneously.

In the midst of this fight for sanity, I was interrupted by my colleague calling out in frustration, 'How do I make these as secondary bullets??!'

I walked and stared at the monitor. He was preparing a PowerPoint presentation and having a problem trying to get a list of text to go under the main point as sub-points. In vain, he selected the list, clicked and un-clicked the 'Numbers & Bullets' button several times.

'Let me.' I took the mouse, pointed towards the 'Indent' button and clicked. 'Tadah!'

Immediately, the list jumped one-inch to the right, bullets and all.

'That's it??? I spent five minutes trying to do it and you just clicked once???'

'Which explains why Trump never fires me no matter how bloody rude I am.'

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