My Wedding Ring, originally uploaded by Carneyz.
... was sweet and simple.
We spent the day watching our favourite movie - Lord of The Ring.
Then cooked our favourite meal.
Lit a candle, and had a candle light dinner.
After dinner, we snuggled up on the sofa.
To watch our favourite soap - Ugly Betty.
Which Suami Terchenta downloaded from the Internet.

Suami Terchenta surprised me with a gift.
Which made me cry because I did not expect any.
He said, thank you for being my wife.
Though I am not rich, nor famous.
Yet you still marry me.

To which I replied, thank you for being my husband.
Taking care of me and everything.
Though I am not pretty, nor rich.
Yet you still marry me.

Happy Sweet Anniversary. May our love and marriage lasts.
From Here to Thereafter.