To begin this ramble, this posting is where I make a love confession with a swanky, practical foreigner from Sweden. The name is IKEA. It's a long-lost, twisted love, born out of my endless desire to put everything in a context and a context into everything. Well, basically, I have a psychology condition which is called 'compulsive obsessive nature to be organised.' (read about it here and here). Therefore, when I found out IKEA has all the solutions to an organised life, I fell madly, deeply in love with it. So much so that I am short of naming my kid IKEA. Ikea bin Junaidix. How totally rowks!

Recently, we decided that our store room required a massive spring-cleaning job. I am too ashamed to post the 'before' image of our store room because it was really cluttered and untidy. Boxes stacked haphazardly. Some boxes were in too poor conditions that the contents were half-spilled on the floor. Most boxes were overflowed with things. Raincoats on the floor because we have nowhere to put them. Some files and papers were also placed on the floor. There were many paper bags containing wedding door-gifts lying around. In short. It's. Total. Chaos.
The solution to this problem? A complete tour of the IKEA store where I found these two useful items that change my life the store room's look:

Habol, Box with Lid (left)

Portis Hat Rack (right)

With mountain-high enthusiasm, we reached home and immediately set to de-clutter the store room. Our stuffs were divided into three categories - junks, items rarely used and items used more often. Junks were thrown out. Rarely used items packed in one of the box (top) and labelled according to whose items they belong to. Those rarely used are stacked at the bottom. Items used more often are placed at the top of the stack.

The results:

Ok, so it may not look pristinely tidy because the boxes are still stacked haphazardly but papers bags are no more on the floor, little items stored away in boxes which no longer overflowed. We have made 70% progress on improving the tidiness. I am hoping to save enough money to buy a racking system (also from IKEA) to solve the stacking problem.


This is by far, the solution that delighted me the most. No more raincoats on the floor! No more helmets lying around! No more jackets on the sofa / on the bed! The world is now warded off evils, corruptions and environmental problems!

This feeling of achieving tidiness is why I never fail to be excited at the sight of IKEA.

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