Last Tuesday, we went shopping and bought a lot of vegetable because we love our greens. However, by Saturday, we were worried that the veggies won't last and had to come up with a dish that has a lot of vegetable as its ingredients.

So we prepared vegetable soup.

Suami Terchenta loves it so much that he has it for lunch, dinner and breakfast this morning (yup, that much vegetable stocked up in our freezer).

These are the ingredients in the vegetable soup recipe:

Vegetable & Chicken Balls Soup
Blended together:
1. 4 red onions, 4 garlics
2. A handful of anchovies (ikan bilis)

3. Broccoli
4. Cauliflowers
5. Carrot
4. Sweet peas
5. Chillies

Quartered (potong 4):
6. Potato
7. Tomato

Halved (belah 2):
8. Button mushrooms

Also add in:
Chicken balls / meatballs
1 or 2 cubes of chicken stock
A bit of cooking oil to sauté blended onions / anchovies
Salt to taste

For garnishing:
Fried onions
Celery leaves

Soup is great to when eaten with something fried, and we had a bit of potato left, so we sliced them up, toss with salt, turmeric powder and Kentucky flour, and fried them until golden brown.

Finally, our simple yet tasty lunch yesterday:

Vegetable and Chicken Balls Soup (also great eaten on its own - diet-friendly dish) ;)

Fried potato

Let's tuck in! :D