The last few weeks before I left my previous company, I was really, really busy and under a lot of stress. After leaving, I badly needed a retail session to de-stress, and as everybody knows, de-stress session means a visit to IKEA Damansara. Hehe.

This time, I'm looking for something to organise my wardrobe. Every morning when I need to find a headscarf to wear, I will always mess up the piles of tudung in my wardrobe as mornings are always hectic. In the end, my wardrobe looks less & less like how I prefer it to be, so I need a solution to that problem.

So I bought this:
KOMPLEMENT multi-use hanger, RM28

Having this means I don't have to dig into my pile of headscarves anymore, i.e. no more messy wardrobe :)

Just slips in the scarf in one of the loops...

No more messy piles...

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