A few weeks ago, Suami Terchenta & I decided that we should definitely start a project together, and that is called the 'Baby #1 Project'. We have different opinions to the objective of the project though - Suami Terchenta couldn't wait to pass on his gene and I couldn't stand to go back home for Raya without 'the good news' as everyone in our families refer to it.

'When are you guys going to give us the good news?'

The good news is, we finally agree that Mount Kinabalu is going to stay put in Sabah but my aging grandfather will not (although I pray for his long life & good health every day because I love him). And Grandfather wants baby. Now! This instant! Tomorrow, if possible!

Initially, there was a hitch to the start of the project. I was changing jobs, there's a lot of stress going on, and because of years of abusing my body going through a lot of stress being top student / exemplary staff / yada2x, I developed a condition called PCOS which explains my rapid weight gain despite not over-eating, etc. It also explains why our efforts for months after we decided that we want a baby, produced less exciting results.

I was crushed - this dented my self-esteem because it seems that I have failed as a woman - and I hate failing. It's like you are Einstein whose so good at coming up with a groundbreaking formula - only to find out that you fail simple things such as adding 1 and 1 together. Other people can figure it out on the spot, but you struggle with figuring out why you can't do it!

Luckily, it is very much treatable. After investing in the treatment for a month (upon which, both of us fainted right away after looking at the bill), finally last month we discovered that our frenzied efforts at reproduction had delightfully succeeded. All those that we had to go through - depleted savings account, dramatic increase in our water bills and the reduce of electrical bills had paid off.

Behold, our million dollar project is now work in progress (WIP).

WARNING: Don't mess with hormonal-charged pregnant lady. Especially one who had to endure a lot of things including a fragile pregnancy and patience is not my best virtue at this stage.

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