Note: I wrote this entry days before Khayla was born but did not get around to post it. It felt ages ago that I was being melancholic about leaving the world of just 'Mr & Mrs Junaidix' now that we have another extension of 'Junaidix Jr.' (or Little Carneyz).

... before we welcome our little but biggest project into the world.

Bye-bye couplehood. Hello, parenthood.

I know this may sound weird considering that we are over the moon about this pregnancy, but I know I shall miss the world of two-some.

No more before sleep cuddles.
No more on the spur of the moment dates.
No more fancy-schmancy trips.


I know that there is no way we will trade this chance with all that. Hell, no. Even though we will most probably have to deal with these:

Midnight cries for milk.
And a change of dirty diaper.
Colic. Milk. Dirty diaper. More milk.

I believe that the waiting period has been a blessing in disguise, in a way. It allows us to become closer, to become strong for each other, to basically strengthen our marriage. I know we are both ready for the next stage of our married life (I hope so!) and the timing could not be more perfect.

Thank You, God. Alhamdulillah. I pray that the journey from here will be more beautiful and joyous, and the birth of our little one will be a smooth process. I pray that the little one will be another bond to tie our hearts together even more, and perhaps some day we will be blessed with more little ones.

*Deep breath*

I'm ready baby.