Khayla, even though she's just 3 months old, loves to sit. She likes to think that she's 3 years old instead of 3 months old.

But Mommy has to do housework and can't always let Khayla sit in her lap 0_O What a girl gotta do without her Mommy's lap?

One day, Mommy and Daddy so kesian with her and decides to buy a rocking chair for her. This will be her first ever toy gift from Mom & Dad! Hurray! :D (ye ye, sebab toy yang lain2 tu orang kasi, kiteorang je kedekut tak belikan toy untuk Khayla :p)

Rocking chair for baby and toddlerhood. Alang-alang belikan hadiah, biar dia boleh pakai lama sikit.

What is her reaction?



She LOVES it on Sunday!

She HEARTS it MORE on Monday!

Khayla, Khayla. We love you baby! ^_^


  1. comel la khayla ni! geramnye...

  2. wah2...kecik2 dh ada rocking chair...rockkk sehhh Kayla....

    Kaylaaaaaaaaaa bila aunty nak jumpa nieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  3. Husna: Thanks dear :) bila nak balik Malaysia ye?
    Sis lin : rock abis Sis! :p hehe.

  4. haha..soalan sensitip tu..hehe..insyaAllah next year balik la..will be residing in JB insyaAllah panjang umur kita jumpa brother & sister both in KL - pandan perdana..

  5. Husna: Mana tau kiteorg ada rezeki lebih boleh la melawat korang kat Sydney kan? :)


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