Dear Beloved Daughters,

Another month has passed - my little babies once the size of a peanut in my tummy, are now 27 months and 4 months old respectively!

Dear Khadeeja,

This month you have started to be more contented to be left on your own longer. I first noticed this when I was checking on you during one of your naps. Instead of raising the alarm when you woke up like you normally do, you spent the time inspecting your two tiny feet. Probably wondering where did those extra hands come from? LOL!

But no matter, your feet have become one of your source of entertainment and exploration since you can lift both high enough for your chubby hands to grab. Whenever I put you on your back, the first thing you do is to raise those chunky legs and grab those pudgy feet! Then you try to put your toe (sometimes both of your toes) in your mouth, which more often than not, is a failed attempt. So you will be preoccupied trying your best while I get some extra minutes doing a zillion things until you managed to conquer this feat and get bored.

Another thing that you realise this month is your own voice. Oh yes, how you love to hear your own voice, sweetie. You experiment with various intonations - ranging from normal pitch babbles, to high pitch shrieks that had me hot on my heels because I thought something bad happened to you!

Sometimes I giggle when I catch you babbling and shrieking to your own reflection in the mirror. Those giggles will turn into guffaws the moment you tersengih-sengih macam kerang busuk to your own reflection. Hehe.

Practising her range of pitch
My Deeja-licious babe,

Earlier this month, I brought both you and your sister for lunch at a nearby restaurant. You were dressed in the dress below, purple with white polka-dots. Needless to say, you attracted quite a number of admirers from a group of aunties and uncles (who are actually Mak Yeng's age). They practically melted when you excitedly gurgled and made impossibly-adorable noises trying to catch their attention!

That's you, my precious gem. Always so friendly and ready to give everyone a smile so sweet you can give us diabetes.
Sweetest baby on the block
My buah hati pengarang jantung,

So many things fascinate you at this age. You like watching me going about doing housework. In fact, you like to be a busybody too. When I have you in the baby sling and trying to wash the vegetable, you tend to grab the vegetable and make my work difficult. You also can turn your body to see what I'm up to next. And when I put you in the rocker, you get easily tired of the hanging mobile and want a more complicated entertainment or you will shriek to be in the baby sling again!

Turn this here, twist that there. Genius at play.

Last but not least, like your sister, you love to be brought out of the house. Whenever it's time to fetch your sister from school, when you see me put on the baby sling and then my head cover, you squirm in delight and your face breaks into a HUGE grin - that made those moments the best part of my day - any day.

And to my firstborn Khayla,

If Adik made some huge discoveries of her own body parts, you also started to learn about your own body parts.

You can name your own body parts and point to it too. 'Nose!' while pointing at your button nose. 'Mouth!' But when it comes to eyes, you get it mixed up with 'forehead'! LOL!

A few weeks ago, your teacher wrote in the communication book that you refused to join in painting classes. You told your teacher that paints are dirty and flatly refused to get in contact with it. Seriously, you can be very quirky and funny!

Refused to join splashing in the pool because you hate to get splashed by others

I am glad that you show some progress and are joining painting activity in school now, but secretly wondered whether you pester your teacher to wash your hands every minute, like when I engaged you in our own painting activity at home (and you keep asking to wash your hands).

Little Picassa

In terms of your possessiveness, this is something that you have to overcome. You seem to view Khadeeja as a competition, and hate it when we give her toys to play - everything belongs to you. So when you see Khadeeja grabbing anything (from stuffed toys to books), you get agitated and will take it away. Any resistance will be met with loud cries and drama!

Bapak is your daddy only, not Khadeeja's

My adorable tot,

You still love to imitate my actions, and getting good at it. One day I was standing in front of a mirror while staring sadly at my bloated tummy. You observed me patting my tummy three times, and you followed suit. Needless to say, I forgot all about my misery and roared in laughter!

What would my life be without my entertaining copycat, God please tell me…


While you seem to be growing perfectly fine and making wonderful progress of your skills and knowledge, there is one area that concerns me deeply. Your social development. You hate people touching you (you will cry if anyone dares to touch you) and when I fetch you from school, I rarely see you acknowledging your friends or teachers despite their best attempts to communicate to you. Your principal even commented of how 'cool' you are towards people, which made me wonder - is this something that I should worry?

Nevertheless, despite your strong protest at being touched or even looked at by Khadeeja, at times you do show your affection towards Khadeeja, and vice versa. Khadeeja adores you, I can tell by her smile and how she loves watching you.

The two of you are starting to develop that sisterly bond. Sometimes after coming back from school, while I carried Khadeeja in my arm and you trailing behind, you will call out cheerfully to her, 'Khadeeja!' and Khadeeja will giggle and squirm excitedly at being acknowledged by you.

Loving the big sister moment
Maybe some day both of you will learn to love each other, just like your Wa Liza and I love and look up to each other.

Grow well, my beloved stars. Thank you so much for giving me plenty of TLCs every day of my life.



  1. Ko nak nyuruh ku nangis ka apa? Hehehe. well written.

    1. Amy,

      Pregnancy hormone eh? Hehe. Aku kan memory keeper :p

    2. Kalik juak la. Ku imagine gia la aku dgn anak ku klak.Huhuhu.

    3. So camne la lekak tok? Agik keja singapore or ko cari keja baru dekat sikit ngan hubby?

    4. So far, moving to Melaka means being a fulltime housewife for me lah. Since hubby ku pun sik suruh, most probably nya yg akan carik keja dekat sitok. But well you know, tukar keja tok bukan nya senang mcm tukar baju, it'll take time. Tanggar la gine klak :)


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