I have exactly 2weeks before we leave KL for good.

I did not love KL initially. When I was asked to be based in KL from JB, it was a sad day for me. My first day in the city, it felt so strange, so alien. I was disoriented and homesick because I had called JB my home.

It was only because I knew deep in my heart it was time to go that I reluctantly agreed to the move.

Like now. I know without a doubt that it is time to move on.

Throughout my almost 9 years' stay in KL, I came to love the city. Many of my significant life events took place in this city.

We started our family here. Bought our first house and first car. I got pregnant and lost my first child. I gave birth to 2 lovely girls. So many memories had been made here.

Even friendships. I will miss my friends above all. My uni friends. Geng KAMIE friends. Jen. My colleagues.

No one said moving is easy, but it's particularly hard for me because I will leave the life that I have come to love behind. Starting afresh from scratch, not knowing what the future holds.

What will I do if I discovered that I don't like it there? What if hubby can't find a job there? What if I can't cope with work environment anymore and want out?

So many terrifying decisions. Yet life can't stay on pause forever. Sooner or later I have to move too. Only I hope that this move will bring better future for us.

Pray grant my prayers oh Allah. Amin.