Have you ever stepped into a hotel and felt like you never wanted to leave, ever?

Well, I did when I stayed at The Majestic Hotel late last year. From the moment I checked in until the moment we left, everything was simply heavenly.

We were there for a one-day stay-cation to sample the famous The Majestic Hotel. True to its name, guests were given the royal treatment right from the arrival to the departure. When our taxi stopped in front of the hotel's impressive entrance, a smartly-dressed doorman in colonial-era uniform courteously opened the door and with the efficiency of a valet from the bygones era, helped us to unload our luggage. We stepped in to be greeted by the sight of a swanky-looking lobby with a gigantic Christmas tree adding sparkle to the already dazzling marble floor which befits the hotel name - majestic.

The hotel lobby

Check in was a breeze and in no time at all, we were sent on our way to the Junior Suite at the Tower Wing. The moment we opened the door, my nose picked up the sweet scent of room fragrance gently floating in the air, welcoming us to the room. Ah, bliss...

My girls wasted no time running around squealing and shrieking in joy to see such a luxurious and spacious room awaiting us. It is the ideal urban sanctuary for newlyweds on honeymoon and those seeking mental and physical rejuvenation with luxury amenities:

The room is gorgeous and simply oozes the elegance of the yester-years during the Colonial time

A round dining table with four upholstered chairs allow guests to feel like dining at home minus the hassle of cooking and cleaning up

In one corner of the room, there is a spacious work desk complete with all the amenities required including electrical sockets to charge the many devices one carries nowadays.

You can work away comfortably as the amenities are completely provided

There is also a vanity area which can also double up as a second work desk:

The vanity area which is privately tucked away in a corner can also double up as the second work desk

The entrance

The suite comes appointed a four-poster bed. There is something about four-poster bed that is so romantic and alluring. I immediately fell in love with the luxurious bed with its fluffy pillow and pristine white sheet which is cool to the touch and soft as a feather. When I lie down on the bed, my mind just drifts off in peaceful nothingness - such is the effect of the super comfortable mattress on the bed!

Perfect for snuggles under the duvet

Since it was to be a stay-cation, I armed myself with a good book to read while lounging on this sofa:

Escaping into the story's plot while on this sofa.

Meanwhile, the kids loved watching cartoon channel while taking a bath. The 42-inch tv is also available in the bedroom:

A wide plasma TV adorned the wall above a cabinet where tea-making amenities are kept

From another angle.

The view of the bathroom next to an armchair

Our room featured an 'open' concept bathroom that incorporate contemporary design. The result is a classy bathroom appointed with oval, stand-alone bathtub, separate toilet and shower cubicles, and white bowl-shaped sinks facing gleaming mirrors.

You can choose to soak up in the bathtub while watching TV which is hung on the wall oppsite the bathtub

As I am an avid collector of hotel toiletries, I was thrilled to find that the hotel does not provide generic toiletries - instead, their toiletries come in generous size and attractive, colourful packaging under the brand 'Mangosteen'. The scent is refreshing and certainly worth to add to my growing collection:

The hotel offers Mangosteen brand toiletries in colourful and cute packaging

The bar soap

The other toiletries in boxes packaging

Those who like to soak up in the bath will be delighted with the complimentary mineral salt to treat and rejuvenate one's tired body:

Mineral / bath salt to scrub away dead skin cells

A weighing scale is beginnng to be part of hotels' standard amenity

The shower cubicle encased in clear transparent glass

The toilet cubicle

The rest of the amenities are as expected of any reputable hotels:

In the cupboard

Mini safe box is also available

Non-woven laundry bags

The minibar is stocked with canned beverages

The tea-making amenities

I took the opportunity to sample their in-room dining menu which noticeably have fewer selections compared to other hotels I stayed in before. Nevertheless, I ended up ordering their Nasi Goreng which arrives in their trademarked tiffin box:

Their in-room dining service is well-known to use tiffin box akin to past years' dining experience

Their nasi goreng was not so bad but not the best I've come across either. However, I like their presentation.

Nasi Goreng with fried egg

Beautiful flowers that accompanied my lunch
The next day, we had our breakfast at Contango, an open concept restaurant located at the ground floor. Thankfully, they have more variety for breakfast ranging from American breakfast to Continental as well as local delicacies.

The menu caters to everyone including fussy little girls like mine

Khayla only wanted peeled orange slices and milk


Overall, I had really great experience staying at The Majestic. The only fault is they do not have any entertainment for children (for example, The Westin has Kids' Room for young guests), although they have plenty of classic entertainment rooms for the gentlemen (Cigar Room for those who want to enjoy social banters over expensive cigars, Card Room for guests who want to engage in social card games or bridge, Screening Room showing classic Black and White movies of bygones era, to name a few others). Perhaps my only regret was not trying their Afternoon Tea at their Orchid Conservatory, as I read rave reviews on their delectable menu.

The Orchid Conservatory which I am sure will make my mom swoon

Rating: 10/10