Miri has never failed to attract out-of-town visitors from neighbouring towns including neighbouring country, Brunei. One of the main attraction of Miri is its shopping malls that only second to Kuching's shopping malls, particularly Bintang Megamall, Boulevard Shopping Mall and Permaisuri Mall.

It is therefore no surprise to me that Meritz Hotel which is adjacent to Bintang Megamall was in high demand when I booked the hotel room for a weekend shopping excursion in Miri.

Checking in was a breeze and we were in our room in no time at all.

Stepping into the hotel room, we realize quickly that the hotel decor was a far cry from the photos in travel websites. While still offering some level of comfort, the room exudes looks that are passé and dull. Below are photos of the Superior Room that we booked:

Meritz Hotel Miri
Meritz Superior Room

Meritz Hotel Miri
From another angle

Meritz Hotel Miri
The bed

Meritz Hotel Miri
Bathroom that comes with a bathtub

Meritz Hotel Miri
Hotel toiletries

Meritz Hotel Miri
View of the bathtub

Meritz Hotel Miri
The study desk

There isn't much to review about this hotel as the amenities are quite standard. A few things that I observed during our stay there:
  1. The hotel car park is not exclusive to hotel guests, which poses inconvenience if the parking is full.
  2. The hotel room looks slightly rundown - the cabinet in our room looks like it was about to fall apart while the wooden shelf under the sink in the bathroom is badly stained with water marks and swollen due to water dripping down the sink
  3. The breakfast buffet portions need to be increased during weekend as it quickly depleted but took a long time to be replenished each time the item was finished.
I seriously hope the hotel management will do something to restore and refurbish the hotel to maintain it as among the top choices of travellers who seek shopping and entertainment at the shopping mall next door.

Verdict: 5/10

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