Sekinchan Selangor
The picturesque Sekinchan fishing village #shotoniphone11pro #noediting

It has been so long since we left the city. Our last trip was to Gold Coast Sepang back in March before another spike in cases led to the re-implementation of inter-district travel. We miss our hometown in Bintulu Sarawak badly. We miss the scenic Tanjung Batu beach, the salty air, the abundant fresh seafood and the laidback lifestyle at our beloved hometown and the nearest that we could experience something like this is found in Sekinchan, Selangor.

Funny that before the pandemic hit the world, Sekinchan was hardly a popular destination. Located in the Sabak Bernam district, it was more known as a sleepy fishing village and with its paddy fields. But  Sekinchan has done a wonderful job re-inventing her image to become a tourist attraction (coupled with the restriction on inter-state travel which limits the choice of travel destination) that draws many visitors within Selangor and KL every week.

There are a lot of Facebook posts, blogs and Instagram stories on attractions in Sekinchan that we decided to experience Sekinchan ourselves. This post is to present Sekinchan from my view during our weekend visit last month.

It took us almost 2 hours to reach Sekinchan from Kuala Lumpur. The weather was thankfully sunny which allowed us to take plenty of good photos.

Happy faces in the car on the way to Sekinchan

Our first destination was to Sekinchan Paddy Gallery / Sekinchan Rice Mill Factory. 

We couldn't help but feel awed when passing acres upon acres of green paddy field like emerald carpet spread as far as our eyes can see:

Sekinchan Selangor

But when we reached the Paddy Gallery, we were disappointed to learn that the paddy processing factory was closed on Sunday. Note to travellers intending to visit Sekinchan: come on Saturday instead.

Sekinchan Selangor
Instagrammers made a beeline to capture a moment at this hut covered with paddy stalks

What I can say is Sekinchan is a beautiful place and a nice retreat for weary city dwellers like us. It was a nice change to be outdoors exploring the mesmerizing paddy fields, bamboo pathways and fisherman boats docked at the jetty.

Sekinchan Selangor
Clear water reflection of a mosque

Sekinchan Selangor
The bamboo pathway is one of the sought-after Instagram-worthy spot

Sekinchan Selangor
This made me want to pay another visit to Arashiyama Bamboo Forest in Kyoto 

Our last stop before heading back to KL was to Redang beach (not to be confused with Redang Island in Terengganu). 

Sekinchan Selangor
A colorful signage of the Redang Beach

Sadly the beach area was littered with rubbish washed up from the sea and irresponsible visitors. When will Malaysians learn to love our heritage by getting rid of 'there'll be someone to pick up after me' mindset?

Sekinchan Selangor
Beach was packed with crowds enjoying the sea breeze

Sekinchan Selangor
Bright blue sky adorned with kites of all shapes and colours

Sekinchan Selangor
Of all the places we stopped by, Khadeeja enjoyed playing with sand and seashells the most

If you are a seafood lover like us, don't forget to stop by at the fisherman jetty where they sell freshly caught fishes. They would happily help to clean the fish for you so you could store the fish in the freezer immediately after reaching home. The price is also very much cheaper than KL supermarkets.

In summary what we enjoyed during our Sekinchan day trip:

1. Taking photos at paddy fields
2. A nostalgia of our childhood at Ah Ma's House
3. Enjoying fresh cold sugarcane juice at bamboo walkway
4. Kids enjoy chilling at Pantai Redang
5. Buying cheap fresh fishes and prawns at fisherman jetty

Recommended place if you love outdoor and going back to suburban lifestyle. I'm already planning to go back for a tour to the Sky Mirror and Fireflies mangrove.

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