When we were in JB to attend our friend's daughter's wedding, we came across TROVE JB Hotel. We instantly liked the hotel images from a travel booking site and the room rate was also affordable (below RM150 per night), so we decided to stay at the hotel for 3 nights.

TROVE Johor Bahru Hotel
TROVE JB exterior

We arrived at night around 9pm from KL and straightaway checked into the hotel. The check-in process was smooth as we booked with Agoda.com and paid upfront, and we were given our access cards less than 10minutes later.

While checking in, we could not help but admire the hotel lobby's sleek marble floors and grand ceiling. A magnificent chandelier hung from high ceiling in the lobby centre, its lights reflected from the mirror above. Wooden beam structure lined up the edges of the centrepiece - giving off the look and feel of modern contemporary. 

TROVE Johor Bahru Hotel
Hotel Lobby

While the hotel at first glance looked impressive, the housekeeping services came across as woeful. Arriving at our floor, we were greeted by vibrant-coloured striped carpets covering the hallway to the room, although the carpet could do with a good scrub and wash as it came off as stained and dirty.

TROVE Johor Bahru Hotel

When we entered our room, the first thing we noticed is the stench of stale water coming from the toilet which was rather off-putting.

TROVE Johor Bahru Hotel
The toilet lid was up and the stench permeates throughout the room

TROVE Johor Bahru Hotel
Shower cubicle

Since there were only two towels provided in the room, we called housekeeping to request for extra towels. To our dismay, we were told that housekeeping service was only available until 5 or 6pm, and we could only ask for one extra towel. 

We were relieved to find water dispenser in our room with hot/cold water, but it was short-lived as we discovered the water dispenser actually dispensed only hot water. Luckily I had brought my own thermal flask which I then used to cool off the water (I had to cool off the water the whole night before we can drink it).

TROVE Johor Bahru Hotel
Water dispenser provided in the room

The following day, after coming back to the hotel from our outing, we discovered that our bath mat was missing. So we requested for a replacement only to be told that they ran out of bath mat. It was disappointing to find a decent-looking hotel with this level of service.

Other than that, we quite liked our room simple yet modern decor and high-speed Internet which allowed us to watch Netflix on the hotel TV. The hotel also provides complimentary parking for guests. There was also a convenient store in the hotel building should we ever need anything, plenty of local eateries within walking distance to the hotel and a car wash just opposite the hotel.

TROVE Johor Bahru Hotel

Overall, it was a value-for-money stay and the hotel could further improve their housekeeping service.

Rating: 6/10


  1. alaaa hotel nampak OK tapi servis plak macam x berapa nak OK....

    1. Tu la.. kechiwa betul sbb hotel dah cantik. Harap2 lepas ni management improve.


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