I'm bogged with so many documents right now. Finally I have the time to sit down and sort them out. Had just been reprimanded by my boss for not making a copy of an important list and filing it. I didn't know it was important anyway. And I don't care. Not today.

I'm feeling rather unwell, everyone notices that. I slept in the bus going to work, came into the office walking at a slow pace unlike usual when I prefer to stride, and speaking monotonously. As I'm typing now, I'm having a fever and a burning sore throat. It doesn't help that I did not have a good sleep last night. I kept waking up and drifting into vague dreams again.

Thankfully, my cramp had slowed down and I'm only having a mild pain. NOTE TO THAT SOMEONE: Don't bother to contact me tonight. I'm not even in recovering stage. I'm not in the mood at all.