We were watching the late night news last nite when my housemates who are mostly Kelantanese and Terengganu-nese broke into fast and furious speech in their own dialects. They went too fast and too heavy in their accent for me to understand, but from a phrase or two which I understand, I managed to make a conclusion that they are angry over what happened in Bak Tai, Narathiwat, Thailand.

They condemned the Thai Prime Minister, the Thai government, the Thai military, and extended the condemnation to the Israel and US governments as well.

I am sorry that we are living in this violent and hateful world. But surely there's something that we can do to make it a better place? As pointed in my previous post, Focus on Solution, not on Problem?

However, I can't help wondering with an uneasy feeling of growing anger, why did the Thai military used force against the public? Is that the normal procedure they use when dealing with public? When I was in Thailand a couple of years ago, my Thai friends brought me in a car ride and then pointed to a landmark, saying, 'This is where the soldiers killed students' demonstrators.'

I was touched when I saw a weeping widow telling all how her children kept asking how come their father were not home for breaking of fast together with family, and how she had to lie to them saying their father went to surau for breaking of fast. When the children knew the truth, would they grow up harbouring ill and revengeful feelings towards the government who was supposed to protect the public, namely their father?

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  1. my housemates speak for the same thing last night and i'm just listen. no need to comment. things already happend.

    let see it from different perspective. this is the beginning to 'the end of the world'.

    recently, we in trouble when diseases like sars attack the asian country including malaysia. world already in wars a long time ago.

    one by one small sign to 'the end of the world' showed up. but do we realise it? and what do we do when we realise it? all we do just be angry to the thing that just happend (including me).

    there a cause 'behind the scene' that we don't really understand why it happend. and if we do, i hope it not too late for me and for the others as well to understand the cause so that i'm always be prepared to 'the end of the word' soon!


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