Aaah... akhirnya dah clearkan keje2 tertunggak n menunggakkan dirinya kat atas meja aku nih... buat masa sekarang la. Sat lagi aku nak kena contact deco company yg nak mai petang nih n juga pasal quote yg perlu diperjelaskan isi kandungannya tuh. Tapi sekarang nih, LET'S HAVE COFFEE BREAK WITH ME!

Weekend lepas memang sonoks2... :p Bila berjumpa ngan beloved, memang la suke! Suke aje. Hehe. Setelah puas merayau2 kat KL tu, dah tak de idea nak gi mana lagi. So kitaorang melepak kat Zoo Negara. Mana2 ajelah, asalkan boleh berjalan. Menapak dari hujung zoo ke hujung zoo. Dah bosan, naik plak train yang tak jalan atas trek, tapi atas jalan biasa je ;)

Malam plak, gi tengok The Incredibles. Citernya memang original, tapi jalan citernya agak hambar. It's about a superhero family, with superhero powers but they are supposed to lead boring & drab normal life. So when Daddy got offered a superhero job, he accepted gleefully but has to kept it secret from his family coz Mom doesn't want to break the rules (again). Turns out Dad is QC for a super-robot invented by a crushed no. 1 fan whose Dad offended in his younger days. Somehow Mom found out about Dad's secret but Mom thought Dad is having an affair. So Mom flew to err, the 'secret location', unaware that 2 of her kids followed her on the jet. Lepas tu, yang lain tu korang gi la tengok sendiri. Interesting in the way the cartoon tries to potray the normal side of a super hero.

Pagi nih masa aku tunggu document yg aku print, aku ternampak someone printed something:

A man and his small daughter were about to cross a river and had to walk on a small and frail bridge. The man was worried that he would fall off into the river. So he asked his daughter:

'Anna, please hold Daddy's hands.'
His daughter replied.

'Dad, don't ask me to hold your hand but let me hold your hand instead.'
The man was confused (I was confused too!) so he asked.

'Why don't you want to hold my hand Anna?'
His daughter replied again.

'Dad, if you asked me to hold your hand and if I should fall, I would let go of your hand. But if you hold my hand, no matter what happens to me, you would never let go.'

So ada beza antara kita mengharapkan seseorang tuh sayang kat kita n kita sayang kat orang tu tanpa mengharapkan apa2. Kalau kita harapkan dia utk sayang kita, n dia berhenti utk menyayangi kita, kita akan kecewa. Tapi kalau kita sayangkan dia tanpa harapkan dia sayang kat kita, kita selama2nya tak akan kecewa. Hehe. Betul ke pengajaran citer nih? Aku pun tak tau! Bagi aku, lagi best kalau sama2 suke. Muahahah!!

But to love, unconditionally, will keep alive hope. Eternally.


  1. yeah, u have to delve into the meanings, sift thru each words to understand the difference between both actions :)


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