We've received our corporate diary this week and everybody was happy with it.

The diary is really nice. Its cover is made of imitation of leather, with sewn edges. The left side is trimmed with patterns that looks like crocs skin (but of course, it's purely imitation). The color is classy, tanned brown. Everyone has something to say about the diary.

Mine, as the selector, received the sample version, which is even nicer. The pages dividers are glittering gold in color, with silver fonts typed on them. I merely pretended that I get the same diary as with everyone else's.

The diary is so nice that there are so many requests for them. However, since it is very limited editions (everyone has got theirs already, anyway), there are grudges when someone didn't get his just because someone else's name appears twice in the list HR gave to each department, and his name didn't appear in any department (how could this happen?).

One staff practically barged into my room asking for his diary because someone else has pocketed his diary instead. I had to firmly turn down his request mainly because I have distributed the diaries accordingly to each head of departments to be given to their staff. If the distribution somehow ended up with someone in his department getting TWO diaries, then is it supposed to be my fault?

I'm surprised and also amused at how they managed to turn the blame on me when the responsibility to distribute to each staff should be on HODs. They think that I should treat them like school children about to receive their food scheme (remember all those chocolate drinks we received under those scheme?) when it comes to distributing the diaries. Adoi, adoi... What sort of workplace am I working at? A kindergarten?

Even when senior managers just called up and asked for x number of diaries with the reason to distribute to business partners, I will in return, requested for the list of names of their business partners. It's tough being a diary keeper. I guard the diaries jealously. No one shall get it without me knowing the reasons why they should get more diaries than others'.

I tell you, by mid-year, everyone will forget that they have a diary. Trust me.

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