Things are rather hectic this morning as I decided that I would have to take things into my hands to fast-track a lot of pending jobs.

915 am - Brief progress discussion with Project Engineer on signages' issue.

Me : Yeah, really like to know what's the current status. It should be up there a month ago.
Him: That, but they are giving a lot of excuse.
Me: When's scheduled delivery?
Him: Err... a week ago?
Me: Tsk. How bothersome. Are we going to see the Director and get slaughtered for failing to meet this delivery timeframe?
Him: I'll check with them but the PO mentioned 2 weeks' delivery and by this weekend, if they are not responding, I guess we're legally free to replace them.
Me: Yeah, good. I'll update the progress?
Him: Yes. Monday.

950 am - Internet kiosk discussion with Systems & Network Administrator.

Me: Are we installing anything? What's the progress?
Him: Waiting for the booth design.
Me: But can't we get the contractor to do that as well? We're not engaging ID to come in.
Him: No. Basically, we have the PCs, but we don't have kiosks in place.
Me: Well, constructing a new one would mean more investment. Why not just use the current setting? It looks bad that we're promising something, but we still haven't put anything there.
Him: OK. But as for the clocking system, we have to purchase that.
Me: I have to check whether it's necessary.
Him: OK.

1015 am - Ad agency presenting a proposal. Impressive. Jen and I whispered at the back of the room and giggled :p Shessh... Girls, we're in a meeting...

1100 am - Creative agency came.

Me: That would be 10,000 pieces of brochures?
Them: Yeah.
Me: What happened to the bromide?
Them: Err. (Nasir got out his phone) I'll call Didiz.
Me: I've another job. Signage.... bla2.. propose the material... bla2... measurement, we'll go upstairs and estimate... bla2... as soon as possible. Is Monday ok?
Them: OK (each scribbled in planner)

1130 am - Website. In email. For review.

1200 pm - PR keyed in wrong. Have to issue new PR. Done.

1230 pm - Corporate kit ready.

100 pm - Coffee Break... :)