"If I could have one wish granted, then God, let us be forever this way. Frozen in time"

I've always dreamed of freezing beautiful moments in order to re-visit these moments, untouched, unscratched.

Of smiles, every curve of it, showing perfect white teeth, twinkle in the eyes. Happiness in its true form.

"If I listened hard, I could hear echoes from the past"

To which sometimes I whisper back the words, every single of it, like music in my ear. Then brushing it away, as the heart grows tender.

"To remember you like this. The one who makes me happy"

It's like a blessing, it's like a curse. To be given strong memory, only to remember only the harsh moments. To forget all good things that had happened, as anger fills every inch of the heart.

"Calamity! Calamity! What chaos has entered our lives?"

I cease to think.