I was busy working on purchasing documentation this morning when I received a phone call.

'Eh, what do you usually give in corporate pack ye?'
'Corporate brochure, bla2...'
'I need it la, this Thursday, 10 pack. My boss is going for a business trip overseas and he wants them by Thursday.'
'As in tomorrow?'
'The thing is, paper bag dah abis. Baru nak order. Seminggu lagi baru sampai.'
'Ala, ye ke? abis tu, macamana? Anyway, I nak before esok jugak. You carik la alternatif...'
(Geram yang tahap melampau)
'Cik Annoying, next time bagitau lagi last minute ye? I boleh dapatkan whatever the rest of corporate gifts tu. As for the paper bag, would you be so kind as to ask someone in your department to run that errand for you?'
(Geram giler!)
'Because I have other urgent matters to attend by today and since PA big boss tak de, I also have to do her job today. My schedule is really tight.'
In a voice that clearly implied 'that's not my problem', she replied,
'By tomorrow morning ye?'

>Silence<. Aku cuma mampu melihat gagang telefon ngan mulut ternganga at how rude some people can be. Mula2, dia nak mintak tolong. Tak de official memo, tak de apa. Mintak tolong macam bagi order. 'I nak tu, I nak ni... I nak by tomorrow...' Hello? I sapa? I ni keja bawah you ke?

Tak pelah, aku buat gak semua tu. Balik semula dalam bilik lepas dapatkan semua intan permata yang dia nak, Manager Procurement bagitau,
'Miss Annoying called. Asked you to call her boss.'

Ha. Ni satu lagi aku tak suka. Mengadu kat boss. Dah la malas nak buat sendiri. Sendiri nak, sendiri la cari alternatif macamane nak dapatkan. Semua harapkan orang lain. Tak dapat, complain kat bos. Menyampah.

Aku terus tak de mood sepanjang hari tu. All because of one annoying person :(


  1. Oh, I feel your pain... Rasa macam nak tetak jer orang annoying macam tu, kan? Kill kill kill die die die.

    If it's really bugging you, send a very sweet e-mail to her boss stating that though you have "received instructions" from Miss Annoying and you are "perfectly willing to oblige" but "due to lack of notice" you are unable to "fulfil the instructions".

    And then sweetly suggest "Perhaps in the future, notice can be given in a reasonable time" for you to be able to "assist" Miss Annoying.

  2. No, I din send the email. I just simply spoke to the boss of the 'unreasonable notice' and 'perhaps in the future we could be notified earlier'. I had to bite my tongue from saying - and please, teach ur staff some manner...' :p


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