Throw some sparks, and lit some fireworks. I've passed my motorcycle driving test with perfect score!

It was unbelievable, becoz all of my practices ended up frustrating. I'd come home feeling hot, bothered, and mightily unimpressed. It took me 6 months to find the courage to actually sit for the exam. Can you believe that? 6 months? I passed my car driving test a century ago, and all this while, I didn't drive a car, but ride a bike. How come I did badly in my motorcycle driving practices?

I text-messaged Survivor about an hour before the test,

'Get a leave form on standby. I think Im going to flunk the test. I flunked my morning practices, anyway.'

Survivor replied, 'All the best of luck, Carn.' About 10 minutes after that, Jen gave the same message, 'Good luck!'

Encouraged by their wishes, I waited for my turn, a lone lady face amongst a sea of anxious-looking young boys. I peered to my left and saw that the boy next to me had 'Ulangan' stamped on his test form. I decided to ask for his advice.

'Dik, camane nak kasi tayar tak lepas garisan putih kat Bahagian 3 tu nanti?'
'Erm, akak kena amik tengah sket, lepas tu baru pegi tepi sket.'
I mentally noted this tips, praying hard that I could do this during the test.

Dark, brooding clouds began to appear as I sat on my motorbike (an old one which made me quite disappointed coz I prefered the newer bikes), wearing flourescent-colored jacket which they provided. Around my neck, I had number 25 as number 24 did his turn. When he was done, the examiner raised one hand and I started.

One circle, two circle, half a circle at the double roundabouts. Easy. Narrow 'bridge'. 7, 8, 9 seconds. OK. Right, left, right, left at the cones. None fell off. Passed. U-turned. Picked up speed, 30 km/h, 40 km/h. braked hard, heard the hind tyre screeched. Hand-braked. Stopped. Phew. That was the hardest part. The examiner gestured at me to move on. U-turned, slowed down, waved 3 times, stopped. Turned around. Raised one arm. Done, 2nd part without any flaws.

Now, the third part. I waited for the signal for me to start. Then I adjusted my helmet, the side mirrors, freed gear, started the engine, checked the lights, did the 4 movements left and right, went into gear one, turned to my right, signaled my left, and moved. The heart-stopping part. The part where the tyre should not hit the white line. I tried the boy's suggestion. It worked! I couldn't believe it, but I didn't wait to savour the moment, just continued on with the test until it was over. I had a big smile plastered on my face when I received the result. Perfect score. God be praised, finally!

Last night, I got my P driving license. An innocent-looking me a couple of years ago beamed at me. Ah. Freedom... Now I don't have to spend my weekend under hot, blistering sun trying to figure out how to pass the test.

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