I feel... dead. For the past two weeks, I had been going thru phases of emotions - I was angry, I was pissed off, I wanted to throw tantrum, complain, etc. Then suddenly, one day I woke up, feeling weary of all these emotions. I went about too tired to be angry, too tired to complain. Even too tired to make an effort to do something. I became - emotionally dead. Ask Survivor and she will tell you exactly the same thing. There's something wrong here but I don't know how to begin describing it.

Stuck in front of my work station, part of Linkin Park song lyrics (I've been listening to Linkin Park of late) - 'Everything falls apart / even the people who never frown eventually break down'. Everytime someone stopped at my place, they'll ask me what it's all about. Yeah, it's about getting your spirit torn apart.

Hmm... Remember that Trump assignment which made my head nearly explode? I completed the report in 3 hours. That's because Trump got mad at me and said either he finds the report on his table the next day, or I can find another job the same day. Temptation. How could anyone dangle a carrot in front of me like that?

To all who have helped me to finish the report, contribute to the contents (my sister and Farah), and those who give me the encouragement (the Fab 5), thanks a million times :)

To him who accompanied me until the wee hour of early morning to finish the report, even though thousand of miles away, thank you. You cheered me up and made me felt less sleepy so I can finish the report.

What can I say? I am blessed to have them with me.