I just came back from training in PJ. It was highly informative, not a waste of time as I thought. Anyway, I'm given a new task to do.

To create a new inventory tracking system. As Trump discussed it with me,

'How do I know, that when I pay for all these stuffs, they are used strictly for office purposes?'
Blank expression on my face.
'I mean, ' He rephrased, 'they are not pilfered, or abused, or used for personal reasons? For example,' (he flicked the list for me to see the huge amount it costed him)

'When a staff ordered 3 printer cartridges, he actually ordered them strictly for office printers, and not steal one of them to be sold or used at home?'

Great heavens. It's like asking me how to give candies to children and ask them not to eat 'em. Or give an F1 car to Schumacher and ask him to drive at 60 km/h. OK. Printer cartridge is fine. I can ask the requester to turn in the empty cartridge as proof to purchase another cartridge. But what about little things like pens, pencils, erasers, PAPERS??

Sensing my indignant brain processing 'WHAT DA...?' neorons, he added,

'If you come up with a good system, I'll confirm you immediately.'

Sigh. What are employees for but to do the impossibles?

Any suggestions, guys?