There was a light in me.

I stuck the note on my workstation, and briefly read it. Subtlety is always appreciated. To the ignorants, it is a positive statement. It means I am happy. To the observants, it is open for interpretations I won't be bothered to explain here.

There was another meeting on that program again. When everybody has finished presenting their parts, the Chairman of the meeting said,

'I think right now we need to present this to Trump this Monday. Who would do that?'

Even when the words escaped his mouth, he was looking pointedly at me, the Chairman and Jen. We shifted our eyes. It's pathetic, really. When we first came, we were a bunch of high-spirited fresh grads, and not even a year into our job, we are reduced to being shifty-eyed, weary people (and wary of any dumping of work on our shoulder).

The Chairman of the meeting is a wise man, one of the pioneer in the company. He took the hint and said, 'I will present the proposal myself, then.'

I accepted that without feeling guilty. I knew exactly what are their perceptions on me - unfriendly, highly antagonistic, arrogant and uncooperative. What they don't and fail to see, is that I am so tired that I have withdrawn into a shell where I seek shelter from their endless bullets. And wait for the time we can spread our wings and fly away.

For that, I wrote this poem:

The spirit that was born inside of me
On the day it emerged, laughing freely
My spirit sang a joyful song
I am free, I am strong.

The spirit that was born inside of me
Carried a torch of life
It burned bright even in the face of adversity
Full of energy in every strife.

Alas, the spirit that was born inside of me,
Took the last blow and battered, it crawled
Into a shelter to lie and weepingly
It told me as it recalled
There was a light in me
That showed my way
There was a song in me
That made me stay
My spirit told me in its last breath
There was a light in me.

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