A Final Ode For Merahzeous
For W. H.

Thank you.
For once upon a time,
You were part of my life.
Even if, all I have now is a blur-
Fragment of the mirror.

And though the glass may cut me,
As I hold it- nevermind.

To bleed will remind me that I am human.
That you are human.

Cuts turn to scars.
Scars are memories.
And memories last forever.

So thank you.

Thank you for the memories.

Majidah Hashim

-Magic could have not written a more poignant poem than this. Sorry, Magic. I republish your poem in my blog without your permission. Magic has captured every essence of my emotions in her poem. I am not angry, or accusing, or sorry for what have happened. I simply feel thankful that I was given the chance. To love and be loved in return. To feel the happiness, and the hurt. To know someone sweet and kind like him. I thank God for making him part of me.-

-Bolehkah aku merakamkan semua kenangan ni dalam memori? Tawanya, senyumnya, suaranya? Sebab aku tahu suatu hari nanti dia akan meninggalkan aku. Aku ingin mengenangnya sebagai orang yang membuatkan aku gembira selalu. My heart beats. Of tu et je.- My Diary.