I have lots of things going on this week. I dunno what to write. Or rather, I'm not in the mood to write anything. I am definitely not in the mood of blogging of late. Or meby bcoz my boss is constantly checking on me ('Carneyz? Have you done that?' 'Carneyz, that tasks...?') I feel a bit harassed by those constant reminders. Honestly. I'm suffocating!

Still, it's better than not having anything to do. We have training today, and somebody took the opportunity to bash at us (or me), and I got even in the afternoon session. Life is wonderful.

OK. I simply run out of idea what to say. Just maybe, wanna say Happy Birthday to Mat Pae & Fiza. Rindu la kat hang, Fiza... My buddy when I went jogging etc. etc.

Left with nothing else to mention, I say. Thanks to everyone who baked me a cake, gave me birthday gifts, spent lovely time with me :) My phone inbox is full of birthday wishes. Thanks for those messages!