God. The amount of work my boss gave me.For 3 days, I had to attend training & seminar, and in between, I squeezed in some time to clear the tasks he set. Including coming into office last weekend. And yet, it's still mounting.

Weddings, weddings, and more weddings. Weddings are a great dilemma to me. You have to fulfill the invitation. No questions about that. Oh, but...

... to eat? or not to eat? How much to eat in order to avoid piling up on the weight after that?

... should I take chicken, beef or mutton? Two ladles of rice, or just one? Or half?

... oh, don't forget about the gift. What to give??

The best idea is to visualize MYSELF getting the gifts. However, right now all I can think is getting a. laptop, b. PDA. If only I have the money :p

My sister is coming this weekend and I promised to bring her shopping for 'all that striped blouses you want for cheaper price.' Not sure about the cheaper price part. But I think it's going to be fun meeting my sister again.