Aku tak nak terus-terusan macam nih.
Sekejap gembira, sekejap sedih.
Penuh harapan, penuh kecewa.
Penuh keyakinan, penuh kekeliruan.

Memang aku tau manusia ada pasang surutnya... tapi nih dah terlalu cepat & pantas. Bila aku ketawa, aku akan menangis. Hey, this doesn't feel right. Bukannya nak kena PMS pun. Lalu kenapa???

Aku pernah mendoakan:

'Dear God,
Please let me meet someone to catch my fall...

'Y r u sad? Tell me. I wanna help to make you not sad anymore.'

... someone who's happy when I'm happy...
'I understand what you feel. I dun want anyone of you to go, but I can't be selfish as to stop any of you from going. So, I wish u all the best of luck :) I'm happy if you're happy.'

... & someone who'll wipe away my tears.'
'Go back. Sleep. Rest. Everything's gonna be ok tomorrow.'

'Love me, someone.'

I promise, that I will not cry in front of you anymore. I will always laugh & we will stay this way. Until the day I go. My friend, thank you.

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