Arinih aku dimintak buat design last minute (mcm biasa lah...) untuk banting & banner kat car park.

Lepas 3 jam, aku pun created this design (for banting):

Image hosted by

Then, haha! Berlakulah interaksi user-designer, as usual:

"Dear Carneyz & Macha,

Bunting design is fine, with the following revisions:-
our logo is to be placed at the bottom, please centralize and leave a clear white base/background of 1' height from the bottom,
to take away the coin image,
to increase size of '1' for "RM1", and
to rephrase as 'covered' instead of 'long term' for the car park, and
the text font (except for RM1) should be Arial.

Corp. Comm. Manager"

Aku terasa nak 'Wachaa!' je bila tengok betapa banyaknyerrrr komen ituh. Lepas 1 jam kemudian, aku pun revised design tu:

Image hosted by

Aku ingat sumer dah setel la sbb dah memenuhi user requirements kan? Jadi boleh agak la betapa boringnyer aku bila dapat email nih:

"Dear Carneyz,
1. Revised design looks good.
2. For the horizontal layout, is that the exact proportion? If it is wider, and you have limited vertical height, you can place the logo to the right to give more space for the text, if necessary.
3. Just occurred to me, is it 'satu jam pertama' or 'jam pertama'?

Corp. Comm. Manager"

Uish. Udah le. Aku balik je la. Besok baru nak sambung!

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