Something that Jen said, made me have a headache over my sleepiness.

'What if the training doesn't end after September? What if it's still 1 year and a half... only the remaining half year we spend in permanent department?'
'Gosh, man. They promised.'
'Well, it wasn't written in black n white. Remember about the increment after 6 months in training?'

Oh, how I do recalled that. I remember stalling the time to sign the agreement because the verbal promise of increment after 6 months wasn't stated in written form. What did the HR Manager said to get us sign it?

With a wave of his hand, he assured us, 'Trump wouldn't lie about that.'

One year later, we know only too well what the management believe as motivational talk. Else, I wouldn't be attending every meeting with Usop with a oh-yeah-what-other-things-u-wanna-promise-this-time? look on my face.

Yes. The end of September is another word of mouth. The increment came, after an additional 6 months later. All terms remain unchanged, that's what the letter said. Does it also mean, training period also remains status quo?

'Or they said shortening the training period means, changing the remaining half year into permanent contract? So if we wanna get out, we still have to complete this balance of 6 months.'
The management, as well as us, have very crafty minds. Great minds dissuade in thinking.
I only hope that this time they came out clean & truthful about the training expiring soon.
Otherwise, what would I tell my next potential employer this Monday?
'I think I'll be available mid October. I think la...'

-p/s: u think la, does it hurt to hope? I keep myself alive with hope. Hope that tomorrow will be a better day. Hope that I'll reach my target weight. Hope this & that. So just by hoping that we can be friends, it brings back some of my life into me. Great wonders how listening to his voice keep the tears away. Keep on hoping, but don't make wishes. At least with hope, there's no time limit, but with wishes, I will desire until truth hits me hard that I can't have it. So in hope, I shall live.-