No sooner than I made my wistful wish, Chairman made a crazy request. Chairman does not usually begin his sentence by 'Could you...' He goes straight to the point - 'You are going to design a brochure and I want it in one day.'

It amuses me as much as annoys me how he thinks he owns my time. I do not waste time with Chairman either. I go straight to the point - 'You are crazy.'

So lepas je Chairman kasi laptop dia kat aku (PC aku tak de Photoshop), complete ngan Adobe Photoshop 7.0 yang dia install malam tadi, aku pun mula la buat sket research & went all out to design something 'clean' and 'fresh'. Was thinking of having black background, but considering that black is easily related to 'death' & last night's news of plane crash (Mandala Air) in Medan is seriously shocking, I don't fancy the idea of putting off people to board the new airline we are promoting.

Well. Baru je sampai 2 page macam nih. It's kinda hard as brochure (unlike posters, Chairman) ought to have a theme of some sort, with uniformed pages in order to look like a professional brochure (take note, Chairman).

That luggage tag effect pun I spent 2 hours to think of how to create that (again, Chairman, I'm an amatuer designer). Anyway, anybody has any comment on this design? :)

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