'Carneyz, u look happy today.'

Carneyz is in fact rather cheerful today. For the first time after one month sunk into deep depression & total ostracism, she actually exchanged a few banters in email.

'Yes, yes... u should be pleased if ur getting free lunch today.' I pointed to Ungku's direction. Ungku had promised free lunch at the pricey dine-in for both Chairman & I as we had helped him wif something a month back.

But that's not really the source of my bubbly predisposition today. Maybe I've over-indulged in chocolate. Half a bar of Toblerone dark chocolate consumed yesterday, during my most boring moment - sprawled on my bed, in my hot room, unwilling to go anywhere for fear of the burning sun. Or just too darned lazy to move. Or maybe, there's something else. Like the chance of seeing someone.

Ooopss.. What happened to my diet?

Diet is still on-going, except that I'm feeling unwell today. Sneezing non-stop, wif rolls of tissue on stand-by. Seriously. I think it's because of cigarette smoke. Tak boleh tahan bau asap rokok. One day of inhaling it, and my immune system goes haywire.

Now that I've lost the excess weight, my body weight has become more stabilized and I am able to go for reasonable proportions of lunch.

'I dengar u tgh consider S***l. Betul ke?' Ungku dropped the bomb.

I sighed. Looked across at Chairman, who made this face 'wasn'tmewhotold', scanned thru my head for the list of persons I've actually mentioned about my decision to leave, zeroed in on one person who might be the source of this 'pecah rahsia' , and shook my head. Hell. My fault again for sharing unnecessary news.

'No.' I concentrated on my now tak sedap anymore chicken rice. I know, if this guy knew, the rest of the management could have known too by now. I couldn't care less anymore now. Under the constitutional rights, I am entitled to seek other opportunities, right?
In fact, semua orang dah tanya, which department I'm going to go to after September. I vaguely indicated the department I'd most probably choose to go if I flopped the extremely difficult interview (which I hope I won't).
By the way, surveying tickets to go back left me wif little air to breathe. I've to fork out nearly half a thousand ringgit nak balik. Hish. Giler. This is all because of the fuel price skyrocketing due to numerous reasons (Katrina, among one of them).
Okie dokie then. 'Nuff said.

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